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About Us

The Rainmaker Effect is a non-profit entity founded on the premise that true success comes from enabling and empowering others to succeed.

We also believe that true life success comes from working with others to accomplish a greater good. We amplify this belief by helping youth and young adult groups accomplish “greater good” in their communities by guiding them through a structured, repeatable process focused on making a positive community impact.

We start by helping the group define a purpose and a big idea, and then we guide the group through teaming with others to succeed.

Along with this purpose, we are also building and inspiring an ever-expanding network of mentors and we are equipping them with the skills, tools and resources to make positive impacts on their communities while freely sharing their wisdom with those being mentored.

We believe that true success comes when one works as a vital part of a team.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering and equipping youth and young adults with the skills, knowledge and tools to become servant leaders in their communities
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